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Stand Alone Electronic Gas & Brake Controls

by Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC)

Columbus Mobility Specialists is the only dealer in the Columbus Ohio area certified to provide automobile handicap hand controls from Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC).  We maintain that certification by regularly taking part in EMC service school training, ensuring that we are up to date on the latest products.

Why EMC automobile handicap hand controls?

CMS elected to become an Electronic Mobility Controls dealer because EMC has proven history in the automobile adaptive driving hand controls business and designs sophisticated, reliable, all digital primary adaptive driving hand controls.

The L series stand-alone electronic gas and brake control uses lever input.

The YJ series device uses a single axis joystick.

Both of these automotive hand controls connect to the AEVIT processor, the heart and brain of these devices.  It does more than just operate the control, it also communicates current status information and uses control logic for safety in emergency situations.

Safety is so important that the AEVIT system, with a total of eight processors, provides second and third layers of redundancy.  It even includes "self-healing" fault detection in the fault-tolerant design.  You can be assured that these controls will stay operational while you're driving!

Do you share your vehicle with someone who does not need these controls?  Are you concerned that they will still be able to use the vehicle too?  Rest assured that the original controls that came with your vehicle from the manufacturer remain operational as the EMC controls do not replace them, but are added to them.  This means that anyone who could drive your vehicle before installation can do so in the same way after installation.

Electronic Mobility Controls is so confident in their product that they offer a five year warranty on each AEVIT system.  The goal is that you, the driver, will enjoy security and peace of mind when you select these electronic controls for installation in your vehicle. Regain the freedom and independence of driving yourself by contacting us today to schedule your installation appointment.

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